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Tadelakt artisan

Tadelakt artisan


I am Mr. Tarik BOUBTITA, Moroccan artisan (Maalem) specializing in Moroccan lime plaster also called tadelakt of Marrakesh . heritor of this magical traditional artisanal art from my grandfathers, and I have strengthened my skills in the craft through the restructuring of many guest houses and traditional riad in the city of Marrakech. After 12 years of Moroccan projects in differents Riads and palaces I left Morocco to Italy, where I start my lisenced company "Art Di Marrakech", and where i have a great success. Then I exported this art to other European countries to offer the best of original Tadelakt, sourced and imported from it origine Marrakesh / Morocco

Why choosing Art Di Marrakesh company?

This, though apparently it may seem a trivial question, however, is the key of the whole matter. In fact, in the field of construction as well as in the restructuring there is a tough competition, and this certainly can not be something that can not be considered. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions, namely that assessment that each potential customer, as is logical that it is. So why choose the company Art Of Marrakech becomes a key issue both for my business and it is for all possible customers. To say that we are the best ones and more competent in the field and that we are able to realize the best Moroccan lime plaster, it would be not only superfluous, but I consider it offensive to the reader. In fact, if it were not so, I would not have today a more than established business. So, in addition to the professionalism and quality of work as Art Of Marrakech we can be able to perform, my desire and that the choice occurs precisely because the message I want to convey, because customers can check and see which are the beauties and how many benefits it can offer the Moroccan Tadelakt. So, even for not dwell too much and boring, I simply say that if you choose my company you can count on accurate manual work, on a scrupulous attention to detail, as well as the certainty that we use for the construction thermal plaster Moroccan exclusively environmentally friendly products and, therefore, harmless to human health and environment. In conclusion, choosing us Art Of Marrakech you will be able to work together in a dynamic synergy intended only to be able to satisfy your specific needs.

  • We are pioneers in Tadelakt original
  • We use only natural and ecological lime plaster and additional products
  • A manual and painstaking work, which takes into account all the details of your walls.

Art Di Marrakech

  • Tadelakt Marrakech maâlem

    The company

    It is always very difficult to present your company, the Art Of Marrakech, as well as being able to bring to light the passion, professionalism and honesty with which it carries out its work, especially for me since I'm a Maalem born in Morocco. Nevertheless, like any self-respecting site, one of the most important sections it is this, and is therefore more than a duty to present me as much as my company. As I said, I am a Maalem, that is, a craftsman specializing Moroccan thermal plaster, an ancient technique that has its archaic origins deep in history. Thanks to the experience I got to have just where this technique was born, I decided to come to this beautiful and friendly country, to start an activity that is called precisely Art Of Marrakech. I am, therefore, managed to create a company that specializes in making the proper Moroccan thermal plaster. This passion for the art tadelakt, is a kind of magic that I was able to learn from my grandparents. I worked with professionalism and expertise for over a decade in my country of origin, either by restructuring the traditional riads and has numerous other structures, especially in Marrakech. After twelve years, through which I was able to develop and refine my skills to Maalem, I made the decision to cross the Mediterranean Sea to come to work in Italy. Today, I was able to realize my dream. The company Art Of Marrakech, in fact, operates both on the Italian territory and in the rest of Europe. With iron will and strong capabilities, I was able to make known to a wider audience the benefits that can offer the tadelakt art.

      More infos about Art Di Marrakech

      Art di Marrakech company is based in Italy, managed by the Moroccan Tarik Mr BOUBTITA under Patent IVA 03410790988. We serve all Italy territory and the European Union by applying original lime plaster, specifically the original Moroccan Tadelakt. Our expertise in this field and our know-how allowed us to be among the leaders in this field both in Italy and in Europe. Our team can move anywhere in Europe for you to let you discover this magic art coming from Morocco.

    Company infos

      • Name : Art Di Marrakech
      • Patent in Italy: I.V.A 03410790988
      • Head office: Italie
      • Phone in Italy: 00 39 320 484 9811
      • Phone in Morocco: 00 212 625 554 920
      • Email:tadelaktmarrakesh@gmail.com