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Tadelakt is an ecological lime plaster from Marrakesh

Tadelakt plaster of Morocco guarantees you an exclusive ecological and a safe lime coating Tadelakt or Moroccan lime plaster is a technique, allowing its potential users to apply a natural lime coating produced from lime stone, extracted from the quarries in the Marrakesh region, where a number of distinct minerals are found naturally in abundant that can essentially be utilized in the production of hydrated lime, filled naturally with a 90 % of fine aggregates. Traditional Moroccan Tadelakt, originating from Marrakesh, guarantees you an exclusive ecological and a safe lime coating due especially to the high PH value in the used lime. Further more, at times where this magic coating is applied, craftsmen make use the soft soap so as to make the coating more airtight, which consequently makes your bathroom or Hammam highly watertight and support high humidity conditions.

This magic paint also acts excellent heat insulation and maintains the pure freshness and the revitalizing air all around your living room or your bedroom even during very hot weather conditions. The application of this plaster by highly professional and specialized craftsmen brings about a softer and a high quality effect, which due to the work of the rollerblading, enhances a great decorative capacity in the lime coating.

Tadelakt lime plaster suits both indoor and outdoor decorations perfectly, and is an ideal embellishing addition to all our in-house rooms such as the: kitchen, rooms, bathtub, living room, office room as well as for reception areas, regardless of whether its a traditional or contemporary architecture that is desired.

Tadelakt plaster history

The history of Moroccan Tadelakt plaster dates back to thousands of years, to the former Marrakesh city in Morocco, at the foot of the High Atlas. The Bedouin, who used to live in this geographical region, discovered the magic airtight chemistry present in the lime mixed with olive soap. At first, Tadelakt was used as a technique to store water in favorable, safe conditions and was initially used to ensure that the water tanks were properly sealed and waterproof, but later on, it was applied on moroccan Hammams (bathrooms) due to its great relief of high resistancy to humidity and its enhanced watertight integrity.

Moroccan plaster composition

the major composition of Moroccan Tadelakt plaster is hydrated lime with silica and alumina A major constituent in the traditional Moroccan Tadelakt is the hydrated lime, effectively produced from limestone in the native quarries of Marrakesh, which contains elements of silica, alumina, quartz and several other diversified minerals mixed together with pigments before being applied. These enhanced components furnish the coating with a brilliant shine, high water resistancy and itsisothermal compressibility.

Application techniques of Tadelakt

The application of Moroccan Tadelakt can be a rather meticulous and a forcing operation. But our moroccan craftsmen, otherwise known as maalem (Ma'alim), are already renowned to be experts with many years of experience accrued in this matter. This lime plastered paintmay tend to be sensitive in most cases and must be regularly maintained. Tadelakt is mainly applied in 2 passes, the first coat may break off: gobetis; while the second is a lime plaster, applied to the picket floating and then tightened with a trowel. After an appropriate period of rest until the plaster begins to dry, it is rubbed with the help of a pallet or a plastic roller until its surface shines. The egg white is also typically used to improve the surface hardness.Once the plaster is entirely dry but before the core starts to reveal its brightness, (usually on the next day), the surface is coated well with diluted soap (a soap that causes a chemical reaction adequate to the coating to seal it tight, for example; alow olive oil or a linseed oil soap) and polished once more in order to procure its "mirror" like effect. For a guaranteed, long-lasting and a100 % Moroccan application, feel free to contact our expertise specialists in Moroccan Tadelakt.

Where we can apply Tadelakt?

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